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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

If you have been following my Instagram (if you aren't go follow now-@ theprincessfusion). you might have noticed that I have been continuing my photography here in Chicago. Many people are asking how I have been shooting so much, in such a  small span of time, and the answer is pretty simple: Meet-ups. 

A lot of people bash about social media. Like many vices, it can be addictive and have harsh side effects if overused. One of my favorite things about social media (specifically Instagram) is having a platform to connect and share with others my love for photography. There are many ways that you can go about meeting people and finding models. I am a big fan of doing this in a safe environment for both the photographer and model alike. Meetups are a great way for just that. Think of it like blind dating- you go in with small expectations hoping to make one or two solid connections at tops before the event is over. In the same manner, meetups allow for photographers and models alike to meet in a public environment, use their creativity together in order to create some sick content. 

As an extrovert, I find meetups to be an exhilarating place not only because it allows for me to create long-lasting connections, but also because of the content that is produced because of it. Some of my best shots have been taken only after meeting someone for 5 minutes thanks to meetups. 

So how do you find meetups? There are many different meetup groups, but my personal favorite has to be 'The Hub'. This is a website that allows for creatives of different sorts- makeup artists, videographers, photographers, models, and more to host and attend meetups for free. Having moved to Chicago, a lot of people asked me how I would make friends within the city outside of work. Because of my previous work with HUB in the Twin Cities, I have been able to meet-up with ease and create some amazing content at the meetups. 

If you aren't into meeting people in large crowds there is no need to fret. The Hub is a site to connect with people IN YOUR OWN AREA AND THROUGHOUT THE WORLD and connect with. It is a great way to find last minute models and see what local talent is out there. I have been a member of the Hub since October, and I can honestly say that I love it, not only because it's for free, but because it has allowed for me to create genuine connections with creatives. 

Want to learn more about the site? CLICK HERE or comment below for more questions!

Until next time, 

Sabrina Kennelly 

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