Another year, another adventure

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Before the beginning of the New Year, many people (including myself) ponder on what resolutions they would like to set out for the year to come. Everyone has a different method to their madness; some create vision boards while others sit down and write out their aspirations out on a sheet of paper.

For myself, creating and writing goals is something that I do year-round.My goals are by no means special or different than the average human being. Just like others, I too write down goals about traveling to new places, working out more and meeting a cute (and hopefully well off) boy.

One of my goals last summer was to find a job in the Twin Cities that was in my field of interest. If you have been keeping up with my blog posts, you know that this has proved to be a challenge. After countless job applications, interviews and networking I found myself expanding my search outwards from the land of 10,000 lakes.

I would be lying if I didn't say that I was losing motivation when it came to my job search. There were moments where I could just feel that I was getting close to an opportunity and then BAM! fate would push me back to square one. As the end of the year approached, I decided that enough was enough and that if I didn't hear back by my 24th birthday, I would have to come up with another plan.

If I were doing a Cosmopolitan quiz and my friends had to describe me in a word they would probably say "dramatic". So it will probably come to no surprise that I am announcing a major life decision on my blog: I moved to Chicago.

A lot of people are probably right now scratching their heads wondering the following
1) What are you doing down there?
2) Why didn't you tell me you where moving?
3) Will I ever see you again?

Here's the story: It was December 18th, aka my 24th birthday and I was lounging in my sweatpants looking my messages on Facebook when I got a call. My heart stopped and I was prepared to hear the worse. I had become so conditioned to hearing no's from potential employers that when I heard that I had received a job offer I was in shock. That night, right before I blew out the candles on my birthday cake, I told my parents about the offer and that I would be moving down to Chicago. Suddenly, I found myself packing my life back again into suitcases.

And here we are to present day Sabrina learning day-by-day about life as an adult. I understand that many people will probably wonder why I didn't tell them in person and the answer is this: I'm honestly still in shock and I physically didn't have the time.

There are many things that I love about the Twin Cities and I have valued the last couple months and the connections that I have made because of it. My moving to Chicago does not mean that we cannot still implement creative projects, gossip or anything else in between. I don't' know when I will be in the Twin Cities again, but I can tell you that I won't be gone forever. My family is there (and that includes my friends) and I will do anything in the world for them if needed.

Moving, yet again, to another city isn't easy, no matter how many times you have done it before. I'm excited about the adventures to come to Chicago and cannot wait to see where my photographer, writing, and connections will take me in the year to come.

*Insert the beginning of Frank Sinatra singing 'My Kind of Town'*

Until next time,

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