5 Lessons I learned during Minnesota Fashion Week

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

They say that you learn something every day. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably noticed that I've been spamming a lot about Minnesota Fashion Week. I was fortunate to shoot for two events (FlyOver x Fashion and Northern Vogue) and attend the Plus Size Panel discussion at Surly Brewery. Throughout the events, I had the opportunity to connect and listen to other peoples stories. Here are a few valuable lessons that I learned during Minnesota Fashion Week.

  1. What inclusivity looks like IRL: I've been fortunate to attend fashion shows around the world. Many of them require you to have social connections, a lot of cash, or just sheer dumb luck (I would be the third category folks).  Ten years ago, fashion shows used to be secretive and the clothing on the label was intended for showcasing rather than for wear. Fast forward to 2017 where prete-a-porter (ready to wear) fashion rules the runway across the globe. 'Inclusive' has become a buzz word in terms of fashion events lately. Many fashion shows say that they are now inclusive yet lack diversity on the runway and close its doors to the general public. Fortunately, Minnesota Fashion Week isn't like that. Instead, they embraced the term 'the more the merrier' and created events that were either free or had a small entry fee. 
  2. Collaboration is powerful: The one word that was repeated over and over again was 'collaboration' and just how willing people in Minnesota are to help each other. Check out my latest blog post and see just a few of the people I met that were doing just that!
  3. Embrace who you are RIGHT NOW: During the Plus Size Panel, one of the most powerful things that I learned was learning how to embrace how your body is at this moment. Many people (including myself) have fluctuating bodies and it can be very hard to accept the extra rolls that might have magically appeared on my hips. Your body is a work in progress, and in order to make yourself the best person, you have to accept yourself first. Do what makes you happy and be a support system for you and your friends. Try new things and eat that piece of chocolate cake if you want. 
  4. How awesome and stylish everyone is: Minnesota fashion doesn't get the credit that it deserves. It is wacky, loud, and bright. They are changing the way the fashion world is with its local designers, models, and people that are ready to make a statement. 
  5. Becoming a sustainable shopper: I consider myself to be a pretty 'green' person, but I was unaware of how damaging fast fashion was until I listened to this discussion. Learn where and what your materials are made from. Try and shop local whether that's at a thrift store or at a local eco-friendly establishment. 

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