The Power of Collaborating: Minnesota Fashion Week

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Networking can be a scary task. If you asked any sane person they will probably agree with me when it comes to meeting new people for the first time. All of a sudden, as if it was magic, first-day-of-school jitters emerge. Yet this time you aren't a pre-pubescent teen. You are a grown adult that has worked hard and is trying to create meaningful relations that could help expand and grow your passions. Your heart is on your sleeve and the possibility of having someone reject you and your ideas is more than a reality. 
I might be a bit dramatic when it comes to networking, but this is what my thought process is during those first five minutes when I enter into a room full of complete strangers. Fortunately my inner extrovert appears and all of the sudden I am floating the crowd realizing just how small this word (and specifically the Twin Cities) is. 
Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend , shoot, and network at some of Minnesota Fashion Weeks Events (which you can view at ). Throughout the events at Minnesota Fashion week one word stuck with me : Collaboration. As scary as networking might be, it is also very rewarding and gave me the opportunity to meet creative like-minded individuals. Listening to their stories and working with them gave me drive and motivation to create more inspiring content. Below, you can check out just a few movers and shakers that I met during Minnesota Fashion week. They have already inspired me so much, and I hope they will for you as well!

Debbie (left), Blogger of "The Last Debutante'
@thelastdebutante with Katie Espeseth (Right) @katieespeseth)

Dani @Daniliza

Maryan Garane, @Maryan_garane

Wardrobe Stylist Jae-Deborah @_teage
Aggie Ofori-Amanfo, @aggieoa, Blogger of

I & J Style (left) @Iandjstyle with artist Liliana Manns @lalachica_artista

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