Preview: Retro Glam Photo Shoot

Monday, July 31, 2017

It's honestly crazy how many photoshoots I've been able to conduct already this summer. Whether its to help build a models portfolio or to capture an event for Bumble I am your gal in the Twin Cities to shoot with! I've been going through my photography lately and I'm a bit dumbfounded how something that become a passion has grown into something more. In the past five years my photography has been featured in the Mall of America, used in local retail stores, and promotional material for artists.

I can't wait and see what the next couple of shoots this year are going to bring me and see how I develop as a photographer. Here are a couple of shots from a photo shoot I did the other day with my friend Olivia. We met at a Nick Jonas Concert. I was wearing bunny ears and was sending tipsy Snapchats and asked her to take a picture of my friends and I. The rest is well, history. If your'e interested in seeing more pictures feel free to check out my new and revamped photography website ( and my facebook page (SabrinaKennellyPhotography).

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