So you got wait-listed for TAPIF

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The dreaded wait list; everyone's favorite indefinite answer for helping plan life altering decisions. Here are a couple of things to know about being wait listed for the program in TAPIF.

  1.  There are many reasons why you were wait listed: Let's start off with the obvious. Though I can't tell you 100% why you weren't accepted, I can tell you that this is a competitive program in the US and Canada. Each year the program's application rate has increased dramatically. This means that the chances of being accepted as a teaching assistant can actually be pretty tough. Here's a quote from the website on acceptance rate: For the 2016-2017 program, approximately 1,850 people applied for roughly 1,100 available positions. After ranking applicants based on the program’s application evaluation criteria, the top 1,100 applicants were immediately offered positions in early April. Approximately 400 other applicants were kept on the waiting list. A large number of accepted applicants withdraw over the course of the summer, meaning that roughly 300 waitlisted candidates were eventually offered positions for the 2016-2017 program. The remaining candidates were declined positions. The Teaching Assistant Program in France has become increasingly competitive over the last few years. Applicants should NOT assume that they will be accepted if they meet the program’s eligibility criteria. Applications are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and only the most qualified candidates receive offers in the spring.  I have personally found that teaching experience was a big factor as to why I was wait listed for TAPIF. Though I had some experience mentoring, I did not have many credentials as a teacher, making me a bit undesirable as a candidate. 
  2. Ask for your placement: After I had received news that I was wait listed, I emailed Natalie Cox asking about my placement on the list. This allowed for me to know whether or not I should consider other career options instead of TAPIF. A day later, I received news that I was in the top 100 on the wait list and had a "high chance" of being accepted into the program. 
  3. Time line: Though the time line may vary a bit each year on when you'll hear back from TAPIF on you're acceptance, I've found from previous timelines on social media to be the same. Generally placements begin for wait listers in the middle of April (top 100) and will continue until the 4th of July. Candidates are contacted in groups of 25-100 in waves  throughout the summer. 
  4. You might not get your top choice (s): Because you are on the wait list, be aware that you might not get your dream location. Though they will try and put your preferences into account, it is not guaranteed (same as with the other applicants) that you will get your desired academy. But don't give up your hopes just yet. I, for example, was wait listed and got my first choice (Montpellier). You just never know. 
  5. Stay connected on social media: What really helped me stay sane was checking in on social media and seeing who else was a part of the wait list group. This is your support group. Stick with them and who knows- you might see them in a couple of months in France!
  6. If you get accepted, know that you might have less time to prepare: Prepare yourself for the possibility of being accepted, even if you haven't received an acceptance email yet. This really saved time and stress once I was accepted into the program because there was a lot of paper work that needed to be completed pretty much right after I was accepted. For Americans we are required at the moment to complete an FBI check and get a VISA from our nearest French consulate before going to France. 
  7. Also, think of alternative solutions: Maybe TAPIF isn't in the cards for you at this moment. Know that it's okay, and that there is always a reason for everything. This might feel like the shittiest thing to happen in your life right now and that's okay. Rejection is hard to deal with and everyone processes it differently than others. Look at other things that you can do (maybe become an au pair or work on a cruise for example) that allows you to have a great work/life/ travel balance. 

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Until next time!

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