Thanksgiving in Montpellier

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

I've said it time after time: Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. So when I realized that I wouldn't be celebrating my favorite holiday with my loved ones at home I knew that I had to do something so that I wouldn't mope at home in la France. Naturally that meant bringing Thanksgiving to France. If you read my pre-game Thanksgiving post , you know that I was really excited to try and cook some of my favorite dishes for the first time ever for about a dozen people. Here's what I learned from my first time cooking Thanksgiving at my place. 

  1. Make a head count more than once
  2. Really think: How many dishes do you need to make? 
  3. Think about your oven and how much food you can jam in at once
  4. Get creative because France doesn't have everything you need to make basic things like green bean casserole. Use potatoes chips as a substitute for caramelized onions.   
  5. Breathe and relax and realize that not everything is going to be perfect like Pinterest 

The table before dinner was served

Overall it was a great Thanksgiving filled with laughs, friends, and a touch of home. Sure, maybe there wasn't turkey (I'm a vegetarian after all), the cranberries were cherries, and the green bean casserole had potatoes chips but you know what? It was a great time, and there's nothing better than that, no matter how many disasters happened in the kitchen throughout the night.

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