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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

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If you look on my cell phone you'll surely be in for a disappointment. You'll find your most basic apps  like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on my phone, but when it comes to games you'll have to look elsewhere. I don't have the patience or the time for computer (or iphone) related games....or so I thought. A couple of weeks ago as I was scrolling through my Linkedin I saw the announcement of Phyilymack games and the creation of two new apps: Demi Lovato's Zombarazzie Adventure and DNCE's  puzzle pop. Before I being my reviewing the game I want to make some things clear. When it comes to game applications I have very little knowledge on how they are used. This makes me the perfect tester for a product because though I am a fan of Lovato's music, playing a game on your iphone is a different story. It takes sheer dedication to continue using an app, and that's exactly why I want to review this app: to explain why I have become addicted to this game.

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Let's begin! The adventure consists of Lovato, in one of her infamous one piece suits and high heel boots, alongside her beloved pooch Batman. Their task is clear:  slaying evil paparazzi that have become zombies along the way. At the moment there are only 125 levels of this candy-crush inspired game that includes matching selected colored monsters and saving Lovato's beloeved pooch from the terrible paparazzi. Similar to unblock me, the game has various roadblocks on each level that allow users to really have to be critical of their every move. Every selected level is different and each tasks will vary. Each level you have a selected number of 'tries' until you die. There are a total of five lives (or five tries) that you receive for free. After you have used up your lives you have to wait a total of 15 minutes to receive one life (again, for free). Throughout the journey you are given several tools such as swords, color potions, and the 'kiss of death' (3 of each for free). Additional purchases can be made throughout the game including buying more tools, lives, and extra moves. To my surprise, the game isn't heavily add based. As a free app, you only see adds for other games (which to my surprise aren't Philymack products) typically once a day. This only occurs if you select 'free continue' which is available once a day for users.
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Overall the game has been, to my surprise, addicting. Since there is no wifi needed for this game, you can literally play it anywhere (though the free continue will only turn up when you have your date or wifi turned on). There have been times where I have stayed on a level for weeks (not kidding here) and have screamed with joy in public spaces once I have finally completed the level after what seems to be over 100 tries. If you want to make the game even more intense I would recommend putting on the music that goes with the game. It definitely amplifies the need to save poor little batman from the evil paparazzie (which in itself is a great statement on this profession).

I would recommend this game to anyone who is interested in a challenge, regardless if you are a fan of Lovato's or not. It is a game that I have somehow found myself playing form the crack of dawn to the middle of the night. If you have played this game comment below and let me know what you think of Zombarazzie or other similar apps that I should try!

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