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Monday, June 20, 2016

As many of you guys know, I will be moving soon to France with TAPIF . One of the exciting new changes (in addition to moving to a different country) is crossing some things off of my big girl bucket list. One of them includes getting my first place and decorating it! You might remember from my other DIY inspired posts  that I have a slight obsession with decorating my room. So the idea of decorating an apartment by myself can seem a bit daunting and exciting at the same time. Fortunately my friends from Chairish Collections are here to help me create some inspiration! One of my must lists for my new place is to have a 'woman' cave- a place where my friends and family can hang out and have light drinks and snacks. There's many ways that you can style and furnish a room. For myself, I find it helpful to furnish around a centerpiece or piece of furniture. Below are just a few examples of how I styled some of Chairish Collections amazing bar stools. Whether you want to be sweet and classic or modern this company has the bar stool for you to create the best room possible. So get ready to be inspired- because it's time to start decorating!

  1. Room #1
    Custom Nautical Teak Bar Stools- Set of 3
     For this room I wanted to use the wood features from the top of the bar stool and metallic structure of the bar stool to create a modern and rustic feeling in the room. This is a great room to hang out with friends and have a drink. With shelves the room becomes more spacious so that you can add extra chairs around the table and create a fun time for all. Cheers!

2. Room #2
Mid-Century Hairpin Stools- Pair

For this room I wanted to emphasize the classic feeling that the chairs give while giving off a modern edge. By having black and white photos with an emphasis in pink you get a simple put sweet look in the room. This room is a great place to have macaroons and some pink champagne with your girlfriends. With the chairs having a modern back rather than a sweetheart look, the room maintains a romantic edge while staying sleek and modern. 

3. Room #3
Phyllis Morris Silver Bamboo Bar stools-Pair

In this room I wanted to showcase how modern yet comfortable these Bamboo styled chairs are. By keeping with the silver and blue hues throughout the room, the chairs become a staple within the room rather than just another collection of objects. This room is great for a larger group of chic girlfriends to have an awesome night in.

What's your favorite style of chair and room? Comment below and let me know! For more information on my friends Chairish Collections  please visit their website at https://www.chairish.com !

Until next time,

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