Let's Try To Cook: Lemon Pound Cake

Saturday, June 18, 2016

 In the back of my mind I have secretly always wanted to be a housewife for 24 hours. Somehow I would magically learn how to cook an excellent yet healthy meal, it would turn into a masterpiece, the kitchen would sparkle because I wouldn't have made a mess, and I wouldn't look disheveled whatsoever. Well that day hasn't come yet....

 I decided that I wanted to try and make a cake that was moderately healthy, and what better way to do so than look at magazines that boast about being healthy? So I skimmed through the articles of Healthy Living and Shape while watching the Duggars to get my inner housewife on (because how else are you going to really go full on with the stereotype?) and prayed that the cake wouldn't turn out to be terrible.  

The recipe for the Lemon Cake from Healthy Living
You're probably wondering how healthy and pound cake can be in the same sentence. I asked myself the same question too as I was preparing the dish. Instead of requiring a pound of each ingredient (which is how the infamous cake got its name from) the recipe requires you to add Greek yogurt into the cake instead of milk. Cool right? Though the cake was a tad more moist with yogurt it did leave the cake with a bitter taste and almost more of a consistency of bread rather than cake.Sugar was replaced with agave and lemon zest was minimal. If I'm going to eat cake, I want it to look like cake dammit- and taste similar to it as well. Having more of a cornbread like structure and taste, the cake wasn't even worthy of snapping pictures of. Sure, it helped minimize my sugar cravings but I think next time I'll stick to popcorn or buying pre-made Weight Watchers bars.

Until next time,

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