Waking up in Vegas

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Everyone has a bucket list. For most people this list contain dreams of trying different foods, wacky activities such as skydiving, and traveling to different destinations. One of these places that I have on my bucket list, and I'm sure it is the case for many others, is going to Vegas. So when Vegas.com reached out to me about creating a day-to-night look based off of one of there hotels I was more than happy to take the challenge. If you've ever noticed in my travel and fashion posts you might notice that my outfits match the settings of the places I travel. This isn't a coincidence. When planning my trips I try and base my outfits not only off of the activities that I plan on doing, but also based off of the scenery around me. It's important to try and find outfits that you will not only feel comfortable in while traveling but that make you feel confident in too. This is the time to have fun, let loose, and explore new places and try new things. Having a wardrobe that is restricting or that makes you feel uncomfortable can definitely put a damper on the trip. Fortunately you have me to help though! Packing can be a difficult thing to do- especially if you're like me and still want to attempt to pack light.So get ready, get set, and let's go! Because we're about to go to VEGAS!!!

TAO Beach located in the Venetian Las Vegas

 For my dream vacation in Las Vegas I would have to stay without a doubt in the luxurious Venetian hotel. It pretty much has everything I need in one hotel- a mall, several pools, casino, restaurants, and of course the infamous TAO nightclub. For a weekend get a way this is the perfect place to hang out all under one roof (and with style might I add). My first look is just about that- having fun but in relaxed manner (hence the bathing suit). This first pool side look is Vegas inspired because unlike at other pools, you can really show off the bling-bling here without looking ridiculous. I've paired in this look my Ralph Lauren bathing Suit with an Altelier necklace, cat eyed sun glasses, and a high-low skirt from BCBG. This look is great for when longing around at the pool or drying off and walking around the Italian inspired mall afterwards (hence the blue and white nautical look). Add a pair of heels and you'll be ready for anything in Vegas.

One of the many restaurants at the Venetian Resort

Many of the Venetian Resort has dim- almost gold esque lighting. Because of this (and the fact that the setting is Vegas after all) I created a fun going out look that is both fun for the night clubs (such as TAO) and the luxurious styled restaurants in Vegas. For this look I decided to wear a fun moving dress that also gives homage to the old Vegas. With my flapper inspired dress from Forever 21, gold cardigan from Free People, and vintage gold earrings I'm sure to have a glamorous and fun night in Vegas at the Venetian.

So now you are set for the whole weekend. Add a pair of shorts,  a camera, and some Red Bull for the plane ride home and you'll be sure to have a great time in Vegas. For more information on where to stay and what to do while in Vegas you can visit Vegas.com for tips and advice. I know that I will be heading to Vegas soon and hope you will consider it also (after all what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!). For deals on traveling to Vegas you can click here!  
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