Let's Try to Cook: The ups and downs of cooking

Saturday, May 14, 2016

As you probably have noticed, I haven't been posting as much of my weekly series 'Let's try to cook'. Why? I'm simply too scared and don't have the time sometimes in my week to experiment and try new recipes. Cooking can be daunting. You never know if you're going to come out with a finished project. And even if you do come out with something you are unsure until that first bite if you did it correctly. Sometimes you're lucky enough to get the recipe right and have your concoction taste good.  Other times you find yourself, after hours have gone by and all of the ingredients have been used, that what you had envisioned in your head to that on your dinning room table are two different things.

Of course I tend to be the latter. As someone who is just learning how to cook trial and error can be frustrating. I'm told by my family members that this process never stops. You will master several recipe's after a while but you are always learning new techniques and tips along the way. I try my best to be optimistic when it comes to cooking.  Everything will turn out right if I follow what the directions say on this piece of paper. This, of course, doesn't happen all the time. Some times I have to resort to simply baking a pre-made pizza in my oven instead of trying to make the dough myself. The lack of cooking I do in the kitchen honestly makes me feel lazy. Add the fact that I'm a woman on top of it and for some I would be considered disappointing to the female sex for my lack of being able to whip up a pie at a drop of a hat.

Yes, I know that cooking will take time and patience. Yes, I know that being a woman does not give me an advantage at being a better cook than the opposite sex. And yes, I do have the want to make food on my own. What I'm trying to learn in this new and sometimes scary process of cooking is to take time. Just like when I'm baking a cake I need to breath. I need to let the cake bake and do it's thing. Staring at it endlessly until I see that that baking powder is doing its job correctly won't make the cake bake any faster. Instead I have to practice what most cooks have instilled within themselves since day one: patience. I need to remind myself that I am stepping outside of my comfort zone and that it will take time. I'm not Julia Child or even close to Julie who attempted to cook every meal and document it on her blog. I'm simply Sabrina; a girl from Minnesota who until last week was cooking eggs in the microwave instead of a pan. I'm trying to learn how to cook, and in the process I'm learning more and more about myself as a person.

So here's to another week of trial and errors. Of learning how to be patient with myself, the products that I am making, and knowing that one day I will master more recipes on my bucket list. So its time to put on the apron and get back in the kitchen, because this girl has some more learning to do!

Until next time,

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