TAPIF- Day Dreamining

Thursday, May 05, 2016

As many of you fellow Tapifers now, waiting can become an art form. This is especially true when it comes to the process of waiting for documents from both the US and French government. Naturally i'm an impatient person. I like to get things done as fast and efficient as possible. In school, I was typically the first one done with assignments in college and turned in my papers weeks before my classmates. It's just in my DNA to get things done. It's how everyone in my family pretty much does things. So of course the waiting game has begun. I won't be getting my attestation for a minimum of another month so that means that instead of planning- I'll have to continue to day dream a bit longer about TAPIF and things that I want to do abroad. Here are just a few things on my list of things I want to do while in Europe in the upcoming months:

  • Celebrate my birthday in Paris
  • Go to Disneyland Paris
  • Go to Santorini Greece
  • Visit beaches in the south of France
  • Vacation in Deauville
  • Go to England
  • Go to Brussels
  • Drink Beer in Germany
  • Meet fashion bloggers in Europe
  • Take lots and lots of pictures
  • Eat tons of food
  • Find a yoga studio in Europe (similar to CorePower)
Is there anything that I should add on the list or that you have recommendations for? I would love to know! Are you also in the same boat of being in the waiting game for TAPIF and just want to go abroad already again?  Until next time!

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