Beyonce has created a clothing line and it's fabulous

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

It would be a lie if I said I didn't want a body like Beyonce's. From her killer abs to her stunner booty, its hard not be a tad envious of Mrs. Carter. Now, the singer/actress/ director/ mother is adding something new to her repertoire: fashion designer.

Similar to the Jenner sisters, Beyonce's athletic line will be featured at stores like Nordstrom, Zolando, and Topshop next week for exercise enthusiasts. As someone who has started working out more ( remember Core Power yoga?) having outfits that are not only comfortable, but that make you feel awesome can truly have an impact on your workout. I find for me, if I wear workout clothes that I feel comfortable in I receive a stronger confidence both internally and externally while completing my work out. I think that Beyonce's Ivy Park line does just that. Not only does the line have a message, but it embodies a type of confidence that can only be found in something that only Beyonce herself could create. So even though I might not be able to get the EXACT body like Beyonce (we can only dream), I can get a bit of her confidence while working out.

What makes Beyonce's workout line unique compared to previous athletic lines is that its catering to more than one form of exercise. Compared to other athletic lines that only focus on one area of sport, IVY Park has clothes for swimwear, yoga, and day-to-day.  Though the prices form the line have yet to be announced I know that I'll be hitting the shelves to try on some IVY Park outfits.

For more information on the line, please visit and check out some of the pictures below.

Happy shopping ladies!

* All pictures are from IVY PARK

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