Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hello fellow blog readers!

   I hope your Thursday is going well so far. I know for me, this week has been a great opportunity to evaluate and change up not only factors in my life but for my blog as well. For a good amount of time I have been debating about having a Facebook time and truly omitting to putting in extra effort into ThePrincessFusion. With interviews still rolling in and no full time job, I'm trying to keep myself as busy as possible without getting into the what-ifs of life. Maybe I'm just becoming anxious, but I feel as if something is about to happen- so this week was a much needed time to prepare before everything gets crazy.

   I honestly have no idea where this blog will go in the next month, let alone the next year to five years. It's crazy that I've been using this blog as a medium to write about my college woes, life studying abroad, boy problems, health and more. So that's why I've decided to create a Facebook page to engage my readers - such as yourselves- so that you know RIGHT away what I'm posting on the blog (which I hope will continue to be almost every day). In addition to making a Facebook page for my blog, I have created a website in order to showcase my work for potential employers. It would mean a great deal to me if you guys would look at it :)

   As always, if you have any suggestions for this blog I would greatly appreciate hearing from you on the comments below or at my email It is honestly a joy hearing your stories and seeing that more than just my mother looks at this blog (hi mom).

Until next time!

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