5 Things I learned while I was in college

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Now that I've had time to process graduating from college, here are a few tips that I learned while I was in college.

#1) Prioritize

You're planner is going to be your friend. Know when you're projects/ papers/ tests are due and create an action plan sooner rather than later. It is important to do this so that you can prioritize your school work, extra curricular activities, or an after school job. Each semester will go by faster than the last, so don't allow for projects to creep up on you. I've seen too many peers try and complete their work last minute and stress about if they would pass the class they were taking because they couldn't prioritize during the semester. 

#2) Get involved in a student organization

In addition to school work, join a student organization. This is a great place to use your skills from the classroom and apply it within a safe and friendly environment. Not only are student organizations a great place to test out your skills, but it can also leave to great networking opportunities. For myself, I found that there was a lack of French programs at my school so I created a new club. This allowed me not only to gain leadership experience, which is crucial to gain while in college. In addition to this skill I learned how to create and manage large scale events, teach in a classroom setting, and implement marketing strategies. Being a founder in a student organization allowed me to grow as an individual, but as a team member as well. 

#3) Stop stressing out

I wish I could have gone back on told myself that stressing out only caused more damage rather than good. Yes, it is important to know how important doing well in college is- but at times I became stressed out to the fact that I became physically sick. This caused more damage rather than good. Find something to take your stress out- yoga, playing an instrument, or reading a good book. Having personal time and stepping out the school setting at least once a week is necessary for your sanity. Trust me. 

#4) Study Abroad

Even if you can only go for one month, studying abroad was the best decision that I ever did while in college. Not only did it allow me to have the opportunity to discover new country, but it allowed me to follow my dreams. By studying abroad I had the opportunity to intern abroad, take classes that I could have never dreamed of taking while in college (going to field trips every day? Yes please!). Studying abroad is an opportunity of a life time. Take it. 

#5) Get to know your professors 

Your professors are there to help you, not to create your life into a living hell. Don't boil up your emotions. If you have problems talk to your professors and let them know. Go to a tutor, ask for extra home work sets, and seek advice. Getting to know your professors can allow for potential job opportunities and research projects.

Until next time,

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