Sabrina's Top 5 Favorite Disney Vloggers

Friday, February 12, 2016

Being sick can suck. Scratch that- being sick in Minnesota can suck. It literally feels like I'm under house arrest at times living in Minnesota because it's so damn cold outside ( right now it's negative 12 with windchill). So instead of looking outside at the tundra known as Minnesota, I have chosen to watch some of my favorite Disney Vlogs. As some of you may know, I am Disney obsessed. Last year my dream came true to finally be able to buy a annual pass (life goals I know) at Disneyland Paris. I coveted my blurry picture with my annual pass because I was a Disney fanatic who was ready to conquer rides such as the Tower of Terror to Indiana Jones. Fortunately Youtube is there to help me feed into my obsession with Disney vlogs while I'm here in the cold and sick. In case if you're just as obsessed  with Disney as I am, but don't have the time to kill navigating around what can sometimes be the sketchy side of Youtube then you're in luck. Here is a list of some of my favorite vlogs/vloggers at Disney Parks.

1)  Adamthewoo- from Disney to abandon theme parks around America 

This channel has everything that I've ever wanted in a Youtube Chanel on Disney and more. I've always had a weird obsession with the evolution of the Disney Parks. Adamthewoo not only explains what has happened to the old and forgotten rides from childhood past at the beloved parks, but also explains how some of the magic happens on his Youtube channel. A plus? If you're into abandoned theme parks like I am (New Orleans Six Flags anyone?) Adamthewoo has pretty much been to every park there is that has been left for adventures such as Adam to salvage around.

Bonus: If you want to see why Adam got kicked out of DisneyWorld or want to see what a day in the life is for this awesome dude you can also visit his personal vlog channel at TheDailyWoo.

#2)Bright Sun Gaming- Remember Disney's resorts of the past

I like to brag that I have great memory. That was until I saw Bright Sun Gaming's videos on Disney Discovery Island. I had completely forgotten about this part of Disney or that I had even visited this tropical paradise until I saw these videos. Though the user doesn't actually go on site to see what the island is like now, there are some great pictures and descriptions of what has happened to the island and its evolution since. This Channel also features stories on other Disney resorts and what used to be Nickelodeon Resort.

#3) Magic Journeys- A collection of the old and the new

This channel is a great example of how Disneyland has evolved but also has stayed the same. I always love the concept that Disney 're-purposes" their rides and products and you can see that exactly here in this Tomorrow land video showing the original concept compared to that of today's. Plus who doesn't love a bit of history? With Magic Journey's 'fun facts' you can understand Disney's motifs for evolving in his documentary style vlogs.

#4) Locksleynet- Wait there was a Disney park in China?

This user deserves props for dedication for trying and finding the abandoned Disney 'Wonderland' park in China. He commuted 2 and a half hours in China to find what seems to be only the entrance and a half built Cinderella's castle. I'm curious to see if this will be the same location for Disney's new park that they are building in China. Regardless, this video is a great example of what an abandoned park looks like and the traces that are left for us to question about why this park was built.

#5) Fake Disneyland- China

Now I'm a bit confused if the park as shown above is the same as below (the first video was filmed in 2012) and there are videos of others going into the park in 2013. Regardless, it's funny to see how a company can blatantly copy off of Disney (and other companies) and somehow get away with it ( that we know of).  Sometimes the confusion of Disney's history and there sub-companies (remember Euro Disney?) is sometimes entertaining enough for the day. Trust me though, there's more than just this park that is similar to Disney (Europa Park anymore?).

Are there any channels that you think I missed? Let me know below! Happy Youtube Watching :)

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