Best Places to eat in Paris: Pizza

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

In honor of Pizza Day yesterday, here are a few of my favorite places to eat pizza in Paris. Last year while I lived in Paris pizza became one of my favorite dishes. Yes, I know it's not at all very French but you could say that I'm obsessed with this dish. So naturally, I had to try European Pizza- because why not? While the pizza might not be as good as that compared to Italy or even America sometimes, there are definitely some unique restaurants and eateries that could compete for first place. So get ready and eat up mes amies! Here are the best places to eat Pizza while you're in Paris.

(1) O Kartier- 59 Rue de Belleville, 75019 Paris, France

This place became my go-to restaurant with my friends and I. Being deprived of American styled Pizza in France caused some problems at time. Then one day while  I was walking the streets of Belleville drinking bubble tea we stopped and saw what looked like the best pizza in the world. And boy is it! For only five euros you can get a pizza (as shown above). The restaurant offers different varieties of pizza as well as some great spices that I never thought would be good on pizza, but it brought me back every time wanting more and more.

#2) Pizza, 42 Rue Labrouste 75015

If you want a typical Italian pizza this is the place to go. The pizza is light and great for a snack. Though it is on the more expensive side, the pizza is well worth it. What makes it even better? If you're in the mood from some extra dosage of American food they even have Ben & Jerry's to go with your pizza #yesplease.

#3) Le Comptoir Général, 80 Quai de Jemmapes 75010 Paris, France 

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The venue itself is a hidden gem. Tucked away next to the Canal St Martin, the Comptoir is a great hideaway from the bustling streets of Paris. What makes it even better (if that is even possible) from their grand jungle decor and strong tropical drinks is the oven stove pizza they have for sale. This is the perfect place to get drunk and eat some great food too.

Other stuff...

For other American styled food in Paris I recommend the Pink Flamingo Pizza near the Canal St Martin, Cafe Indiana (multiple locations),  Hard Rock Cafe, and the Hungry Hippo. But remember friends, local is better so don't depend solely on eating the same food that you would eat in the States while you're in the City of Lights. Happy eating!

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