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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Happy 2016!

   It's crazy to think that I've been using this blog as a medium to write about my life for 6 years. A lot has happened in this period of time. Many milestones such as prom, finding a college, studying abroad, rants about finding love, self-confidence and more have been chronicled on this blog. For those of you who have been on the journey since the beginning- THANK YOU! You are a main motivation for your continuing readership every week (and month, because honestly how often have I really posted in the past months?!?).

Celebrating my 22nd birthday last month on a Holland America Cruise

    With that being said, I have accomplished a pretty big milestone that I believe will help make this blogging journey even more exciting and fresh than ever before! I graduated this December from College with a degree in French and Communications with a Certificate in International Journalism. YAY! This of course means that with the lack of papers that I'll have and books, I can now focus on things that I WANT TO DO. How liberating right? I've done a lot of self contemplating this month about the blog and my projects. With College being over I wanted to take the time and think about my passions and how I can really expand upon them. This blog has become a true passion of mine. Even though I might not write in it as much as I should, I have truly loved working on it and cannot wait to see how this new journey of my life will help develop the blog as well as myself.

Post-College Life Hiking in the Dominican Republic with my mother

   One way that I thought would be great in developing the "PrincessFusion" business is to create a website were readers can see in an easier format my past and current projects. As you can probably see on this blog, I write and vlog about a lot of different content on this blog as well as on Youtube. That's why the blog was named 'Fusion'- because I wanted it to be a collection of things, rather than me just rambling about the latest trends that I'm wearing today. Because as great as it is to tell you about my new Clark boots that are super comfortable that I got today, I find those blogs that consist just of fashion to be well...superficial. Yes, at times I will post about my favorite red-carpet looks or hot Nick Jonas is at the moment (because I could write about that FOREVER), but I also want to write about what makes me tick- politics, health, and just plain old rants. After all, that's what this blog was created for- to show you a bit about my life as a Midwestern girl.

  So here's to yet another start of a new journey with you guys. I can honestly say that I could not be more excited about revamping the blog and making it the best that it could be. So who's ready?

I know I am!

-Until next time

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