The best bar crawl ever

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Like every other person who is addicted to social media, I get giddy over Facebook invites. Regadless of whether or not I go to this event is irrelevant, I just love that I get invited. Every so often I get invited to a gem of an event. The other weekend was just that. Some genious girl had came up with the idea of Harry Potter bar crawl. Of course my geeky self was stoked.

I honestly can say that I havent done too many organzied bar hopping. But anything that invloved Harry Potter meant I was in. So I grabbed my Hot Topic apparel and headed downtown. 

I was pretty surprised to see how many other geeks were dressed up in Harru Potter outfits such as myself. The drinks were original and the characters I met that night could fill a couple Mean Girls burn books. 

Some of the drinks we had included Pumkin juice, unicorn blood, and a multi-colored changing ice cubed dubed as a horocrux inside of my cider. Overall I would say it was a pretty rad night. Here's to the next geek event!  Until next time,

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