Look of the day: Mad for Maxis

Friday, October 09, 2015

Everyone loves a maxi. It covers pretty much any body part that you want. And yet, magically, they look effortless and chic AT THE SAME TIME. So when I was in Paris, walking around on Rue Rivoli a saw a maxi dress for only 25 euros at Mango (which doesn't exsist here in the Twin Cities) I had to try in on. I was a little hesitant with the dress at first because there was a lot going on with it. But of course, I had to try it on. Because I was in Paris, and well, it was only 25 euros in Mango. So that's a deal right?

I'm not one to buy clothes simply because of the price tag. But it sure did persuade me to by the dress that day. And so, I tried on the dress. I'm a big fan of draping material, and this dress has it. It's a big long on me, but with some heels (and the wind blowing in the right direction) I feel like an effortlessly chic mermaid. A weird description I know, but hey if you like it that's what matters at the end of the day right?!?

This maxi dress is a great piece to have for different seasons. With a Jean jacket, it would be a great piece for a Sunday Brunch. With a leather jacket and teal accessories, the dress becomes a perfect date night look (especially when transitioning from summer to fall like we are right now). It's one of the great things I love about maxis: they're versatile. And this dress is just one example of  how great maxi dresses can be! Until next time,

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