Tuesday, October 13, 2015

 Last Friday, I had the chance to Mall of America's  Arts and Style Series featuring Project Runway alumni's  Korto Momolu, Peach Carr, Christopher Straub, Irina Shabayeva, and  Michael Costello. Natrually with a line up like this, I had to go. I have been a HUGE fan of Korto, Christopher,and Michael for years and watched them grow as designers since they were on Project Runway.

From this season's collection their was a noticeable trend of log dresses with drapery, white and gold materials, and of course some major flair. In order to truly showcase everyone's work, I have divided up my posts per designer so that you can see (and judge as if you were Heidi Klum herself) what each designer has created for his/her Fall collection. I hope that you enjoy looking at these pieces as much as I did!

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