Happy birthday TheBlondeSalad!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Some of you may remember way back when I had a Lookbook.nu account. To say that I was obsessed was an understatement. I loved seeing what people were wearing everyday around the world. One blogger that I have always been intrigued with has been Chiara Ferragni  aka "TheBlondeSalad". I found her one day on Lookbook.nu in the 'most liked' section.
Photo by Alice Rosati

 Her blog stood out to my unlike the rest, with her tall blonde Italian self showing that you could have multiple passions in life while still remaining effortlessly chic. At the time that I had started reading her blog,  Chiara was in law school, juggling studying for exams and writing posts on the latest trends.
Chiara in 2012

Her blog was (and still is) unique and like any other. She was one of the first bloggers to truly brand herself. You could see this by the name of the title and her header illustrating a Barbie in a bathtub full of salad.
Chiara in Istanbul

Fast forward to now, and Chiara has become a worldwide phenomenon. Her blog has now become a converted website for fashionistas around the world, and her empire is expanding every day with projects. Now, in addition to blogging Chiara has her own shoe collection. In addition to being a smart business women she (in addition to gracing the covers of magazines such as Elle) has a
class at Harvard modeled after her blogs success.
Photo by Andrew Arthur

Chiara has become an inspiration and teacher for all those aspiring to create a name for themselves by blogging. She was one of the reasons why I created a blog and branded my name as 'ThePrincessFusion'. She is a role model and inspirations for bloggers around the world, showing that the power of writing can take you anywhere.
Fun fact: Chiara and I both have the same pink Zara Blazer. (2011, Lookbook.nu)

Chiara is a great example of  how blogging can become an actual profession. Now, six years after the launch of her blog, Chiara has a whole team named "The Blonde Salad Crew" working on her website. It just goes to show you that blogging can actually become (with the drive and passion) a lucrative business. It's something that all bloggers hope in their wildest dreams to happen. But unlike most, Chiara has actually succeeded in making TheBlondeSalad a business.
2013, Paris. 

Blogging, like many things, takes motivation and desire. You can't just write one post a month and hope that you will all of a sudden become some big star. No. Blogging is a struggle. You as my readers can tell that I have struggled with this over the years. It takes motivation in order for your blog to succeed. Seeing the success of TheBlondeSalad is a reminder of how far hard work and dedication can go. And hopefully, one day like them I can make this into a business. But until then, I will keep on using Chiaria's website as a model for fashion blogging.  After six years, TheBlondeSalad has become more than a blog; it has become a phenomenon within the fashion community. So here's to you Chiara and TheBlondSalad Crew! Here's to a wonderful six years of fashion blogging, and I wish you the best in creating many more full of fashion and travel.

2013, Teen Vogue

Happy 6th birthday to TheBlondeSalad!

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