How 9/11 has effected me

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I believe that everyone has been effected by the events of 9/11. Whether it was directly or indirectly, the effect due to this tragic event will differ for each person.

For me, I was indirectly influenced by the events of 9/11. I was in second grade and lived in Minnesota. 
I didn't know any if the victims due to 9/11 , yet it has effected how I live my life today. 
My biggest fear is flying. This wasn't the case before 9/11. I found it to be an adventure to fly. Now I find it to be a death trap. For me, flying is a serious activity. I take extra, and maybe for some "unnecessary", precautions before flying. Since 9/11 I have to see the face of my pilot before takeoff. I'm utterly scared of death. Especially on an airplane. If I'm going to die on a plane, I want to be able to see the face of my killer. Now I don't want to assume that the passengers did not. For me, because of 9/11, I have to travel in fear. I recognize that stereotypes have influenced my judgments. It is this recognition and creation of stereotypes from the media that I wish I could take out of my mind. I wish that when I traveled I felt safe. I wish that when I traveled I didn't have to look around my plane and question the staffs and other passengers intentions. I wish I did t judge people that are different than me and assume that they will cause me harm. Because not everyone is evil. In fact I believe that very few are. An airport is a great place to see the display of people from many walks of life. Having conversations at the airport with others and within my community has helped me grow. I don't think I'll ever be able to not be afraid to fly. But I do believe that I can use this event as a learning opportunity. Remembering 9/11 always

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