Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Yesterday we lost a great actor and man in our lives.

I personally find it to be odd when a celebrity dies. Not the process if how they died, but the stages of public grief that is seen is different (in my opinion) of a celebrities death compared to that of a relative, friend, or family member that we directly knew.

Friend. To many, Robin Williams was just that to people who watched him on their television screens or at the movie. There was an element that he had that made us relate to him. Whether he was speaking Russian trying to immigrate to America, while in disguise as an elderly woman, as a loony scientist, or even simply in his voice in animations. We connected with him. We laughed along with him. We cried.

Like many of you, I didn't have the pleasure of knowing Robin Williams. But I can say he has, and will always be, an inspiration of mine. Before my year off of my writing hiatus, I was even writing a screen play with a role specifically catered to him. I wanted to show that the people who had the most demons are those with the best punch lines.

Demons are something everyone has. It's the way we handle them-or control them-that define us as a person. You are no lesser or greater for the method in which you choose to handle these demons. You are an individualist. And you know what's best for you. Sometimes though, people need help. That's what friends, family members, religious leaders, and even actors are there for. To guide us. To show us that we have a purpose and that the world is full of endless opportunities. 

And that's what Robin Williams did for many of us. 

Remember in this time of sorrow and grief to remember how he, and others who have previously passed, have positively impacted you. Spread that joy and light similar to them; showing others what this wonderful world has to offer 

-Until next time,

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