That one summer when I was a model

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Everyone has that summer where they get to try out there dreams. And if you haven't I recommend that you should. Everyone deserves to try, even if its for a short period of time, to see and discover what they are truly passionate about. I think the problem for me is that I have found that over time I have a lot of passions for many different things (some which correlate better than others). One of the activities that I tried one summer during my high school career was modeling and fashion writing. Obviously I'm still obsessed (if not more) with fashion and well...writing :) This program allowed for a group of wonderful gals and I to create a fashion magazine (think Seventeen mixed with Minnesota haute couture). Needless to say the program was a great opportunity for me to learn what it was like to write pieces on current trends and predict future ones. It was crazy to see how accurate I was when it came to predicting what the future trends for that fall would be. I hadn't really looked back at this experience , or the pictures, in a while. I honestly forgot about how great of an experience it was and how it was really the start of me going into the internships I was a part of in my high school career. Just remember to do what you love at the end of the day. Money is also good though too (and important in order to maintain oneself) but happiness is just or greater in value and importance. Looking back at these pictures I realize that maybe I should go back into taking pictures and modeling. Maybe I'm being vain but I enjoy getting dolled up and posing for the camera. And of course writing. I'll leave you with this internal debate that is subjective for each and every one of you readers. Everyone's motives in life are different and I'm still trying to find a balance or equilibrium. I honestly feel like sometimes this blog is a bragging competition. That's not what my goal of the blog is. The goal for my blog, and please comment if I am wrong and the message is not getting across, is to explain to you-the readers-what is happening in my life. Looking back at these pictures I wish (I will never use the term regret) that I had seen myself as the lovely young (and sexy) lady that I see in these pictures. I wish that I would have taken the thoughts of others and the media out of my head. What stopped me then and still now and hearing others telling me that what I want to do isn't possible because of different factors. I'm not trying to have you pity me. No, I'm stronger than that and definitely do not have believe in sob stories. Instead I want people to reflect on the importance of understanding what their motives for acting are. Think about that while you complete your daily routine. Are you doing this because society tells you to or because you want to?

May the odds ever be in your favor and may you balance out your life completely,


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