Sunday, February 16, 2014

 School has been...well school.
      Very descriptive I know. I'm learning how to balance having some fun (yes it can be possible I've realized) as well as working hard. My side projects are going well ( I'm almost done writing my book!) and I honestly cannot wait to share with you guys all of it. The other day, I took some self portraits of myself. I think self-portraits are always a good thing to do every now and then as a reminded that as a person I am always evolving. Whether through style or personality, or both, I am an every changing person. Taylor Momsen once said in an interview that your face is like a canvas and that make-up was a reflection of self. I 100% believe this 'philosophy'. How I present myself reflects both my presentation of how I'm feeling for the day as well as how I am productive wise. And being productive is something that I can always use bonus points on every now and then. Especially while in college. I hope that everyone is doing well and that you all stay safe and happy :) Remember to do what you love while also staying productive.

With Love,
Sabrina The PrincessFusion

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