We Day 2013

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Today, I had the opportunity to attend We Day in Minnesota. To be honest the main reason I was going was to see the Jonas Brothers. I'm obsessed to put it mildly. From when they (We Day) announced in February that Minnesota would be hosting We Day I was unaware of its success in Canada. We Day's goal is to inspire and to honor youth work. The only thing that is stopping change from occurring is yourself-its not your age or your disadvantages that society has marked you with. It is yourself. You can make change; little or big. Though it was great to see acts such as Carly Ray Jepson and Fifth Harmony, I truly enjoyed listening to the speakers talk about what they have done by devoting their time to helping others. I was truly inspired by their selflessness. Though I won't be able to attend the event next year, I hope to take what I have learned from today's presentation and use it towards my every day life. I will for sure be looking into going on a Me to We trip as well in the near future since I speak both French and Spanish. If you went to We Day-what was your favorite activity/presentation.

I'll leave you with some pictures of the event from today. I hope that you can take what I have learned and apply it to your lives as well. Even if it is a small thing that you do, you never know what its impact might be like.

Until later!


One of the gals that went to the concert with me!

Martin Luther King III

Fifth Harmony

Queen Noor of Jordan

Jonas Brothers

Spencer West
Katie Garfield

Katie Garfield

Kenyan boys choir

Papa Jonas

Carly Ray Jepson


Joe Jonas

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