From Elephant videos to music videos: The Expansion of Youtube -Part 3 of the Series

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hi again!

    This is officially the 101st blog post! Pretty sweet right?!? Today I wanted to talk about the different channels there are on Youtube and what the media site has to offer compared to other video sites. There are many different types of videos on Youtube and I want to show you all my favorite from each 'genera' per say and how they are helpful.

#1) Educational videos

     In high school, I found Youtube Videos of people solving similar math problems to be very helpful. By simply typing into the search box on Youtube what problem I was having I was able to have my math homework solved and understood in several minutes time. In addition to math videos (which aren't the most entertaining mind you) there are many other science and historical videos. Many channels feature clips from either university studies or from the latest History Channel airing. Personally, I love learning about marine biology (specifically dolphins). Here is a video from the University Chicago's Channel about a  Dolphin's Memory.

#2) Gaming
   I'm not a big gamer (to some you might consider what I play not even true 'video games') but I find Youtube videos such as tutorials on how to access the all songs of guitar hero or dance dance revolution to be helpful so that I can play my video games at ease. yes I realize that this makes me a cheater but I don't really care.
#3) Music
    In less than 24 hours music videos become viral by artists such as Lady Gaga, Beyonce and currently Miley Cyrus. Currently, I'm really obsessed with 80's playlist that people have created on the media site. Unlike Pandora, there is limited commercial times on the playlist made and I have the option to skip multiple (unwanted) songs when desired. 

#5) Beauty and Fashion
   I thought that these two needed to be combined together. How-to videos and shopping hauls allow viewers such as myself to see what looks good on others and what they believe are the current trends of the season. Forget about fancy stylists. YouTube fashion and beauty channels allow you to get realistic perspectives and show attainable pieces that are easy to find. From DIY's to Forever 21 merchandise finds these videos are great for ideas to what to wear at a dance to an interview. Beauty videos are similar in that they show different ways to wear the latest make-up from different brands (most of them feature attainable brands that can be found at your local drug store).  These channels allow you to expand your creativity and imagination. PS: Did you know that The Kardashians sisters even have a YouTube channel that feature hauls and how they do their make-up?!?

#6) How-to's
   I find these videos to be slightly different from make-up and beauty because they have such a wide variety of items that people cover. How to videos include how to grind, how to do your yard work, how to organize your closet. Like the math problems, if you have a problem that needs to be fixed YouTube will have videos that deal with similar issues such as yourself. Some of these How-to videos can get pretty personal and downright funny.
As you can see there are many different types of channels on YouTube. These are only some of the major one's on the site. By defining what KIND of site you will have on your channel you create a community on the website allowing yourself and others to disclose information to one another. From this community of shared common interest you can learn things such as how to improve your videos and channel to reach a larger demographic and share tips on how to engage with viewers. YouTube is more than just about the production of videos, it is also about the sub-communities that are within the website that allow individuals to connect with another.

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