The Challenge: So what's the deal Sabrina?

Friday, May 31, 2013

Lets just say the party was prolonged for a couple of extra days :)

Me getting some sun-a rarity here.

One of my girlfriends left today for the rest of the summer so I have been hanging out with her this week. It's going to be terrible without her. If I don't save up enough money I most likely will not see her until next summer. That means a whole YEAR without her. This cannot happen. That is why I have made my bucket list fun yet so economically friendly! I will be adding extra things onto the list from Minneapolis/St Paul magazine's 'best of summer' issue (June 2013). It has 120 ways to spend the summer. I think that will have more than enough ideas of what I can do. I decided today to show you my main reason for doing this project in the first place. You've probably heard of his song 'Clouds' lately. Being from Minnesota, I found Zach's story to be very touching. Even though I don't see myself taking my music 'career' actually as a serious thing I loved the power that one song has and the amount it has impacted on not only my state but the entire WORLD. It might sound vain of me, but I hope that one day I can do something similar to Zach. He made the concept of #YOLO into something that wasn't cheesy or made getting drunk or doing stupid stuff into an actual excuse. Yes I might have used YOLO as my crutch this year as a freshman in college for my reasoning for my actions. But in a serious manner Zach had a crazy good idea. He wanted everyone to know that you should take EVERY SINGLE DAY and cherish it. For not only the times that you're feeling high as if you were on top of the world or in the clouds, but also for the lows. This act of embracing life to its fullest (and sometimes its cheesiest) as well is what I hope to do this summer. Call this Eat Pray and Love but with a sprinkle of making the world better by volunteering as well. I want to voice out my opinions and help others. What or where that voice is at the moment is unknown, but I guess that's the reason why I'm writing this blog. To find out what that UNKNOWN actually is. So that, once I find out who I am (or at least have a better understanding of it) I might be able to realize what my passions are so that I can become the voice I hope to be someday. With that said I'll leave you with one of my favorite videos of Zach. Though I didn't know Zach personally, I believe that this video does him justice and will help preserve his message for the generations to come.

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