Second Day of the Challenge: Photoshoot

Friday, May 24, 2013

Yesterday, I decided to take the opportunity to take a few pictures of my dog. He has been a great part within my life (10 years now) and  has always given me a smile on my face no matter what state of mind I was before I eneter my home door. I don't know what dogs do to create such hapinees, specifically mine, but I just love him. Wow, I sound like such a creeper or a 'dog-lady' to you guys talking about my love for my dog. A lot of people describe their dogs as a memeber of their family. For mine, its exactly how we feel. Unfortunately, time is limited with our beloved family dog and I had always planned on doing a photoshoot with him. He's always has had health issues. When he was longer he would have terrible seizure and now he has a mass tumor on his leg. Though it might sound as if he has had a terrible life as a dog I would say that we have tried our best to give him a comfortable and luxiourious life. I'm not jocking around when I say that this dog has the life of Riley at times. This photoshoot was a great time bonding experience for me and him. I certainly had a few shared laughs with the dog and even let him jump to give me a lick on the nose. Yes, I let my dog lick me on the nose ladies and gentlemen. These photos will be a great reminder for when the unfortunate time does come, to remeber the great times we did have together. He will always, now and forever, give me smiles. I hope you see the adorable little white furball as loving and adorable as I do.

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