It's time for a change: Day #1

Wednesday, May 22, 2013
    So it's time that I give this blog the must needed (and deserved) attention. School is finally over and I can give this blog the much-needed revamping and posting as possible. I want to share with you an idea that I've had for a while. I think this will be a great way to re-vamp the blog and make this summer one of the best yet. So here it goes:
       This summer, I will be writing down all my adventures day by day. Why? Well, I always seem to write many lists/resolutions but never fulfill them. I know I'm not the only one that comes up with pipe dreams and let them be just that, imaginary or unfulfilled. Seeing how actually DOING one of my New Years resolutions (making my YouTube channel) was/is such a success I thought it would be a great idea to attempt, hence the word attempt, to make a 'bucket-list' for the summer come to life. Some things/activities will be small while other ones might be a bit more grand and daring. Sometimes it is those little things that rock and  can make you more happy than that one humongous dream you've had. I'm not going to have a certain event/activity prescribed for each day of this summer. Rather, I'm going to write down as many ideas that I have and try to have them come to life. I hope that you, the readers, can help join in as well. If you have any ideas that you would  like ME to fulfill/accomplish please feel free to write in your suggestions. I hope that these blog post this summer will show that you don't have to have a terminal illness or a tragic event occur to you in order to receive a rude awakening that life is precious. No. I want this summer to be an opportunity for not only myself, but others to realize that their is good and beauty in the world no matter where you go. I am not asking for any money. Rather, I'm just asking for your support and guidance into helping me with this new adventure. So here it goes! This is day #1, the creation of this project "It's time for a change: By Sabrina".

Here are a list of activities/events/places I have on my list. I have 101 days ( so this will end August 31st, 2013) to complete these goals. Let's do this!

1)      Go to a Church that speaks French

2)      Watch all of the Saw movies
3)      Send in a resume(s) for a movie/TV call or apply for a modeling agency
4)      Make a music video
5)      Re-do my hairstyle
6)      Go to Disney World
7)      Get a body piercing
8)      Make a veggie Jucy Luicy
9)      Get my drivers license
10)   Have a girls night
11)   Go to Valley Fair
12)   Read and watch Great Gatsby
13)   Dress up!
14)   Go to the Zoo
15)   Read Black like me
16)   Go to a dance club
17)   Have a picnic
18)   Go to Dinkie Town
19)   Go to Uptown
20)   Scream over a bridge
21)   Meet at least one celebrity
22)   Write a book-or at least come up with a plot
23)   Go to the county fair
24)   Laura Ingalls Wilder Home
25)   Go to several little towns and have a ‘day-trip’
26)   Have a road trip to Ely
27)   Walk around the Lakes
28)   Go on the train
29)   Take pictures with random strangers
30)   Call in to a radio station
31)   During the whole summer: Loose weight!
32) Use my poloroid camera
33) See a cow
34) Go to the MIA
35) Go to Fort Snelling
36) Learn how to re-ride the unicycle
37) Walk around downtown St.Paul
38) Make someone laugh/smile
39) Sing in public (karaoke bar?)
40) Get a stupid teeny-bopper shirt
41) Watch Star Wars
42) Write a letter to my closests friends and family expressing my love for them
43) Giving some money to a homeless person
44) Going to a restaurant that requires you to sit on the group crossed legged
45) Watching belly dancers (and maybe learning some moves!)
46) Make my sister and awesome grad party present

Wish me luck!

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