First of all THANK YOU for taking the time to visit my blog, ThePrincessFusion, it means the world to me that you are interested in hearing about my story.

 Since 2010, I (Sabrina Kennelly) have been curating the blog that you are reading right now. As you probably noticed there are a wide amount of posts on this blog. From writing about currently fashion trends, travel updates, sharing my photography portfolio, and life updates; this blog has something for everyone. That is where the part of the word 'fusion' comes from. 

 Whether I'm in the Twin Cities or somewhere in the middle of France, I try and take time each week to keep my readers update on life events and what not's. This blog is not only an outlet for myself, but for my readers as well, to venture with me on my journeys and visit uncharted territories and thrill seeking adventures. 

I'm not your typical fru-fru blogger, and that's why companies and readers a like continue to read my blog each day. With over 1,000 views from around the world a month ThePrincessFusion continues to grow each day with daily postings and collaborations with companies. 

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