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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

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If you're a LinkedIn addict like myself, you've probably wondered how someone can have 500 + connections. Here are a few tips on learning how to gain connections without looking desperate or being a social media mogul.

#1) Use Facebook to your advantage

 I created a profile with LinkedIn when I was a junior in college. After studying abroad in Paris, I used the site to connect with my former employers, teachers, and peers from around the world. I'll be honest and tell you that I am not the best at names. By using Facebook, I was able to track who I wanted to connect with via LinkedIn. 

 In addition, I use Facebook to solicit my LinkedIn page. Every so often I'll leave my link as a status opening up my profile for connections. Some of the best LinkedIn connections that I have are with people that I would have never expected to connect with.  

* Pro tip: It should be noted that not everyone from your Facebook friend list should be a LinkedIn connection. If you haven't seen them in a professional setting (ie only at college parties) you probably shouldn't connect with them. Sometimes it's better to keep personal and professional lives divided.  

#2) Connect with recruiters

This is probably an obvious one- but it should definitely be on the list of ways to connect with others. Are you interested in working at a certain company? Connect with recruiters (specifically in the field of interest) from those companies. These are the people that can open doors and unexpected opportunities for you. Around 25% (or higher) of my connections are recruiters because of my ongoing search for new opportunities. You never know when a new position might open up for your dream job, and connecting with that recruiter could be the first step into the door. 

* Pro tip: Remember to add a note when you're sending a connection to someone on LinkedIn. This not only will help refresh their memory on who you are but also increase your possibility of connecting with your dream company. 

#3) Create engaging content

Don't just like stuff on Linkedin- reply to posts and even create content to publish on LinkedIn. As a freelance photographer, I use Linkedin as another social media platform to promote my photography projects. Engaging on Linkedin will not only increase your visibility on LinkedIn but allow for you to connect with like-minded individuals. Some of the best projects that I have helped out with this year are thanks to replying to a Linkedin comment. 

* Pro tip: Remember to add hashtags! This is a great way to draw people from outside of your connections to your posts. 

#4) Know how to market yourself

Consider yourself and your skills a product. Have a steller headshot, create an introduction to your bio, and keep your resume updated. A selfie of yourself (regardless of your professional status) is considered unprofessional on Linkedin. First impressions matter. Let people know that you should be taken seriously 

* Pro tip: Go to a LinkedIn meetup and have your headshot taken. This is a great way not only to update your resume with a fancy new photo but to put your networking skills to the test. Many colleges and local libraries offer free headshots throughout the year. 

#5) Go for that out of the box connection

One of the things I love to brag about is my LinkedIn connections. I decided to go on a whim and connect with people that I, in my wildest dreams, would die to work for. People like Kevin Jonas and the CEO of TheBlondeSalad, Riccardo Pozzoli, are connections with me on Linkedin. Have I met them? No. But do they know that I am interested in working with them someday? Probably. 

* Pro tip: Don't over message someone on Linkedin. This isn't twitter or Instagram. Keep fangirling to a minimum on Linkedin. 

Other tips that should be noted: 

   - Create a custom link for your Linkedin
  - Always have your Linkedin on your resume
   -Have your Linkedin account at the end of your email greetings 
   - Have fun!

What other tips do you have for gaining connections on Linkedin? Comment below and let me know!

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