Finding food from the Minnesota State Fair year round

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

It has almost been a month since the coveted doors of the Minnesota State Fair opened. Our waistlines have been expended to the max, the smell of deep fried food has finally come off of our favorite summer t-shirt, and urge for eating something on a stick is growing day by day. In case you can't hold out for another 11 months, here are a few restaurants that will make you feel as if you are back at the great Minnesota get together.

#1) Can Can Wonderland 
      755 Prior Avenue North
      Saint Paul, MN 55104
          There are multiple State Fair foods for you to eat year-round at this establishment. From the cruise-ship mini donut boat to their boozy malts, you'll be sure to find something that will give you a sugar rush while shocking your taste buds with funky combinations.

#2) Ogara's Bar & Grill
      164 Snelling Avenue
      Saint Paul, MN 55104
  Some of your favorite staples from this state fair booth are located throughout the year for your liking at the restaurant. Examples include Irish Egg Rolls, Chicken Wild Rice Poutine, and classic cheese curds

#3) Deep Fried Goodness
      3020 University Avenue SE,
      Minneapolis, MN 55414
If you are missing out on deep fried goodness you are in luck. This safe haven, located near the University of Minnesota Campus (east bank) has various foods deep fried from tacos to Oreos. You'll be sure to remember your times at the State Fair while eating these delectable delights.

#4) Dough Dough
       Food truck- Minneapolis
The latest fad in the foodie world is edible cookie dough. The Minneapolis based food truck is a great treat for people that not only want a few likes on Instagram, but a sweet spot for six delectable flavors.

#5) Midtown Global Market
      920 E. Lake St
      Minneapolis, MN 55407
Love the international bizarre at the state fair? Now you can try all of the foods from the state fair at the Midtown Global Market. This is a great place not only to try fusions of ethnic cuisines but also shop around at local boutiques as well.

Are there any restaurants that we missed? Comment below and let me know!
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