The beauties and blunders of freelance blogging

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Related imageWith today's day and age it seems like everyone is freelance blogging. Go on Facebook and you most likely will see a video of a digital nomad advertising how they are traveling the world off of their social media ventures. I'll admit that I'm kind of envious of them and I'm sure i'm not the only one.

Just look at online job boards and you'll see just how in-demand blogging has become. What started off as simply a way to vent about day-to-day activities or style advice, has now become a form of marketing for companies . There are niches to be filled and bloggers are more than willing to create content for a pretty penny.

For myself, blogging has been a way to share my travel adventures, photography portfolio, and put my writing to use. With the job market becoming more and more competitive (especially for recent college graduates), having a blog has become one of the many necessities in order to showcase your personal style.

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Photo from fast company of digital nomad class

One of the great joys of having so many different bloggers out in the internet world is creating online content that people are interested in. There's only so many stories and pictures of the Eiffel tower that people can take or fashion photo shoots. Finding and creating innovative content has become competitive in the social media world and though I'm not ready to throw in my gloves just yet, I have found myself struggling.

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Photo from GirlTalkHQ
Finding the happy balance of content- from fashion, to beauty, and traveling is a daunting task. My blog has become a representation of myself and my marketing techniques. In a sense, it is a business. I am the editor-in-chief, head of the fashion department, and public relations team. Though this isn't (and I don't foresee it) becoming a lucrative business venture, I find it to be a rewarding one.  It is a platform for me to express my political points of views in the appropriate place compared to a child's birthday party. There is no judgment and I am my own boss (which certainly has its own pros and cons in itself). So while blogging might be hard at times I find it to be a rewarding yet daunting task that I will continue to take, even if that means that I might only have five to ten viewers.

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