Bar, Bras, Bubbles, BFFs & bumble

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Working out isn't always a blast. But let me tell you something- watching other people work out (for a great cause) while snapping pictures IS. Last Thursday, I had the chance to snap some pictures for an event 'Bar, Bras, Bffs & Bumble'  hosted by the lovely Sarah Edwards. For those of you who are shaking their heads in confusion over all these 'B' letter acronyms let me give you a brief explanation of what the event entailed. 

According to an article in Fitness magazine , a bar class is "a combination of postures inspired by ballet and other disciplines such as Yoga or Pilates". The bar (which is typically used in ballet) is used as a prop for balancing and to help focus specific muscles do one range of motions. 
Let me be clear right now and tell you that this isn't like your ballet class when you were 5 years old. Sure you might be doing some similar stretches throughout the time but be assured when I tell you this- there is sweat involved (and lots of it).  

             You're probably now wondering where the 'Bra' comes in for the event. In order to participate in the event people had to bring in new bras for donation. Until I heard about this event, I had never thought about donating a bra to shelters (and more specifically woman's shelters). All of the bras were donated to Tubman's, a Twin Cities organization that helps people struggling with relationship violence, substance abuse, and mental health. Awesome idea right?

    Here's the last part that makes this event even better-BFF & Bumble. For those of you that are unaware of the dating scene 'Bumble' is an online dating app that let's the woman take charge. Unlike Tinder, 'Bumble' allows for only woman to do swiping and make the first move with messaging. Now, Bumble is in the midst of creating 'Bumble BFF' where woman can meet like minded awesome people and connect.

Overall, it was an awesome event and great cause to photograph for. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next Bumble idea, Twin Cities ambassador, Sarah Edwards will create. A big shout out to Sarah for letting me help with this event! Until my next post, feel free to check out some more pictures from the event below!

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  1. Hi, You are gorgeous! I love your dresses and the way you are carrying everything like you are making a statement about women ruling the world. Thank for sharing.


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