A thank you letter to my two best friends

Monday, May 15, 2017

 The people standing besides me are the reason why I had such a fun time in Montpellier France. Get ready ladies and gentlemen for a sappy post brought to you by yours truly,

I'll be honest and tell you that I didn't think it would be easy to make friends here in Montpellier. Yet somehow, without any effort, these two people literally came into my life (from my apartment door unannounced) and became my best friends with a blink of an eye. Being an assistant isn't always easy. You're away from your family, friends, and country for almost a whole year. Though there were many perks to getting the opportunity to live in France and travel around the area it can be hard missing important events at home.

Living in a foreign country can take a toll on you emotionally. I remember when I was first considering moving abroad I was told that simple tasks would be 5 times harder than back at home. They couldn't have been more right. Little things such as grocery shopping or asking for directions can become a challenge and be mentally draining to the fact that you just want to stay in bed all day.

We were a support system for each other in Montpellier. Our slogan throughout the year (which I like to take credit for) was 'profitez' which means to seize the day. This word, which is widely used throughout France, helped us when we were together having the times of our lives and when we were apart teaching in the classroom. Its what kept us sane when the teachers canceled at the last minute, during train delays, or during administrative work. At the end of the day we were still living the dream of being in the South of France; and we soaked up every minute possible trying to live each day to the max.

Getting these tattoos symbolizes the time that we had together and the journey we are now embarking on as individuals. It is a reminder that even though we might be miles a part, there is someone out in the world with the same motto remembering to  seize the day, no matter how shitty it might have been.

So thank you guys for making this year so great. I couldn't imagine my life without you guys and I can't wait to see where you will go in life. Keep on profitez-ing.

Yours truly,


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