Bruno Mars: 24K Magic Tour Montpellier

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Going to concerts is probably one of my favorite things in life to do. I've been fortunate to see some pretty awesome concerts such as Kanye West in Paris at Louis Vuitton, Nick Jonas and the Administration's Reunion in Minneapolis, and now Bruno Mars in Montpellier for the 24k Tour. 

Let me explain to you some differences of seeing a concert in France compared to in the United States. From one concert junkie to another, these tips might prove useful when it comes to seeing your next favorite act abroad. 

First things first- seeing your favorite artists abroad is generally cheaper than in the United States. Bruno Mars tickets, for example, are ranging  from 60-300 euros. My friends and I snagged early entrance VIP passes with a ticket costing us a total of 210 euros (thanks again Mom for the birthday present). This allowed for us to come into the arena early and snag front row standing tickets (which in the states are going for 1,000-3,000 American dollars) before general admission. 

As an avid concert goer, standing in line (regardless of if you're VIP or not) is a general right of passage for a concert. Maybe it's because the French just love to complain, but they seemed baffled by the idea of having to wait even an hour before a concert started. What made matters worse is that some of these lovely French people who didn't have the luxury of buying VIP tickets had already waited in line for hours outside before being let in to the arena. Once they had entered the arena, one by one (due to the lack of water and food) people started passing out. It seemed more like an episode of survival of the fittest rather than a concert. Almost 20 people in our section alone had to be carried out (some even on stretchers) by a team of paramedics throughout the concert. It got so bad at one point that security was passing out water bottles to share.  Pro tip of the day: Bring a water bottle, food, and pee (if you can) before the concert and while waiting in line. Sit as much as possible and also stay in the shade. It sucks being sick at a concert and not being able to fully enjoy your moneys worth. Also, remember to have a meal already prepared for you when you get home as well as liquids because you will be dehydrated. 

Another thing that I noticed about concerts in Europe is the notion of personal space at concerts; it just doesn't exist. I noticed this actually firsthand at a Stromae concert a couple years back and again with Kanye. Your bubble will burst at one point or another multiple times. It's a concert, have fun, and try not to wear open toed shoes because your feet will get smooched  Breath and know that everyone enjoys concerts differently than others and that you're all here to have fun. 

     Watching an American artists while abroad is definitely a cultural experience in itself. Throughout my time waiting in line I got to talk to different people and help them practice their English.It was kind of funny seeing how music, even if they didn't always understand the lyrics 100%, could unite people around the world. Maybe I'm being cheesy and all, but it was actually beautiful to see what seemed like the whole town of Montpellier uniting in the Arena for a night of music and dancing.

To say that the 24K Magic Tour was amazing would be an understatement. Though I can't imagine paying 1,000 dollars to see Bruno Mars again front row I will forever remember the time that my favorite artist sang Uptown Funk literally a foot a way from me in the South of France.

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