The Job Search Is On!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Just like last summer, the hunt to find a job is on: this time I'm ready for a new adventure! I'll be honest with you and tell you that I'm not 100% sure what my next step in life is going to be. For the first time in my life I'm actually excited for the unexpected. Usually, my type A personality tries to plan every little detail physically possible. Maybe its the water in France (or the amount of sun that I have been getting over here), but somehow I have found myself to remain more calm and carefree about the job hunt the second time around. 

Now I'm not going to lie either and tell you that I'm not a bit stressed. With Spring vacation in full swing this means that my time as an English Assistant is coming to an end. Though I have applied for a second term with the Academy a part of me wants to explore other options. If you think about it we only have such little time here on Earth. Somehow, magically, I have already completed a lot off of my bucket list when it comes to my career. I have tried different fields that I had always dreamed of perusing as a child, and can now cross off my list of things that I have accomplished. 

I'll leave you with one of my video applications that I have created for a job in the tourism field for critique. This time around I'm trying to be as much of an open book about the job search. I know that it's going to be hard (if not more of a struggle) to find a job. That is why I started applying for jobs, re-doing my resume and cover letters, and even re-vamping my sites in hopes of impressing job agents. If you believe that I would be a great suit for your company let me know in the comments below or by contacting me via email at 

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