TAPIF Lesson Plan: Tongue Twisters

Monday, March 13, 2017

One of the joys about being an English assistant is having the ability to create fun and helpful lessons for the students. With the oral exams coming up shortly for many of my students, I decided that it would be best to practice correcting some mistakes that I hear being said out load over and over again. The solution? Tongue Twisters. 

Tongue Twisters can be a great way to engage students as a group as well as individually and can be used for various age groups.  For my younger students, we looked at Tongue Twisters such as Peter Piper and tried to understand the meaning of each story behind the tongue twister itself. My older students had the chance to actually create tongue twisters themselves at the end of the class (which proved to be a lot of fun for them) and allowed for many to practice speaking and writing English. Below are some of the slides that I used for my lesson plan. 

What activities have you used to engage with students? Comment below!

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