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Friday, March 24, 2017

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Until recently, I struggled with finding affordable ways to travel around France. Sure, I had the Carte Jeune which gave me 25% reduction fee, but tickets were still 60 euros one way to Paris from Montpellier on a good day. Here are some tips on how to travel within France on a tight budget.

  1. TGV Max pass: This is a new program that only started up last month in February. The card is 79 euros a month for ages 16-27 and can be used throughout France on TGV max trains. I have already used this card for three day trips to Paris, Marseille, and Lyon in the last month alone. Be aware that not every train is a TGV so unfortunately some routes aren't an option. For more information on TGV max check this link
  2. KelBillet: I cannot recommend this website enough. This is a great website that helps compare prices on every transport including trains, blabla cars, planes, and buses. Kel Billet will show you what date is the cheapest to travel with what mode of transportation. I used this website to book a last minute trip to Aix in October for 14 euros round trip (something that you wont be able to find on SNCF's website). 
  3. Ryanair: I mentioned in an earlier blogpost my love for Ryanair. This discounted airline offers deals within France and to other countries for sometimes as little as 9 euros. Be aware that it can sometimes be difficult to get to Ryanair's selected airports. For more information on flying with Ryanair, you can check my review here
  4. Train for 1 euro: This deserves an honorable mention for it's concept. If you know well enough in advance (about a month) I would recommend using this website to book your train ticket for destinations in the south of France. One way trips are 1 euro, but be careful: these tickets do sell out fast, so grab yours before its too late. For more information on the 1 euro train, click here

Do you have a favorite way of traveling around France? Tell us in the comment below!
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