Flying with Ryanair: Do's and Dont's

Friday, March 03, 2017

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "ryanair"You probably have heard of the airline, 'Ryainair' before. Known for their cheap flights, this airline has a reputation for charging customers high rates from printing boarding passes (50 euros) to selecting seats. If you read my last blog post, you might have seen that I traveled for two weeks around Europe using Ryanair. Here are a few things you need to know about the airline company before you go on board for your next voyage:

1) Yes, they really do have the cheapest flights: Flights range from 5-100 euros. Typically you can find deals flying throughout Europe for under 20 euros one way. Throughout my two week voyage in Europe the highest rate I ever payed for a flight with Ryanair was 25 euros. That's a pretty good deal if you ask me1

2) There are extra fees: Beware of extra fees with the company including selecting your seat (this ranges from 2-4 euros) as well as luggage and printing out boarding passes.

3) NON EU CITIZENS: Be aware that you cannot use the app at this time as a boarding pass. You must print off your boarding pass and complete a visa check in before heading off to your designated gate. Though this might seem like a hassle, if you prepare and print all of your belongings before hand you'll have no problem getting on board.

4) Luggage: You can bring one carry on luggage on-board with you. Check to see if your suitcase matches the requirements before heading off to the airport. Though the company is known to have a reputation for being strict on carry on size, I never had (or saw) anyone have a problem fitting their suitcase in the over head compartment. Be aware that the majority of people flying Ryanair also have carry-ons and that space on the aircraft is limited to the first 90 customers. If you would prefer not to wait in line for your suitcase after landing, be sure to be in line before boarding begins to ensure a place on the aircraft.

5) Plane cleanliness: You might be asking yourself why boarding is always a breeze with Ryanair. Your answer: Compared to most major airlines, after the plane has landed a cleaning crew will arrive before the next group of passengers board. This is not the case for Ryanair, as they only seem to clean their planes at the beginning of the shift and at the end. My tip: bring disinfectant.

6) Check in: Remember that you can check in online sometimes up to 30 days in advance before your flight. Be sure that you have done this so that you can print out your boarding pass.

7) Airports: Ryanair serves various destinations that can sometimes be hard (or almost impossible) to access to the city center. Be aware of this and that sometimes your taxi or train ride can cost more than your flight.

Other facts to know:

  • Ryanair does not provide free food or beverages on board (for purchase only)
  • Ryanair does not have a frequent flyer program
  • Ryanair is an Irish company
  • If you arrive on time or early to your destination trumpets play on the speaker

Overall, I would recommend using Ryanair. At the end of the day you get what you pay for. Sure you might not get a fizzy drink or much leg room, but hey- at least the flight is cheaper than a meal at McDonalds.  

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