Dublin (and everything in between)

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Out of all the places that I visited on my trip last month I really believe that Ireland was by far the best. This probably has to do with the fact that a percentage of my ancestors are apparently from Ireland (hello fellow Irish people) and that it is considered normal to start drinking at 11 am. Compared to London, Dublin was much smaller and easy to get around. There was no need for public transportation seeing that everything necessary was in the center of town including museums and of course bars. I'll be honest and tell you that there isn't much to do in Dublin, Ireland. At night the city comes alive thanks to its large student population and love for Guinness beer.  If you don't know what bars to go to, I would recommend to a bar crawl. For 7 euros you have the possibility of visiting 5 bars (including a silent disco bar) and receiving a few free drinks. Pro tip of the day: Keep your wristband on throughout your stay so that you can get your free drinks each night. 

From every local that we talked to they highly recommended getting out of Dublin for a least a day trip. So naturally we do as the locals do, and that meant getting the heck out of Dublin. For 40 euros we had the privileged of going on a 8 hour (maybe even 10 ?) tour of Ireland, specifically to the Cliffs of Moher. Like many pictures on Instagram, this is probably the most infamous site in Ireland to see because of the spectacular views (which can only be seen when its not foggy out). Fortunately we had luck on our side during our visits and got to see some spectacular sights. So I guess the Irish were right, there are much better things to see than just Dublin. Even if its only for a day trip, I would highly recommend seeing these spectacular views as well as Ireland's countryside. 

Have you ever visited Ireland before? If so comment below!

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