TAPIF Lesson Plan: EXTRA TV series

Thursday, January 12, 2017

As promised, here is yet another lesson plan  that you can use within the classroom as a foreign language teacher. I actually used to watch this series in one of my high school Spanish classes. You can find this series in different languages (French, English, Spanish, and German) relevant to the language that you teach. Produced by Discovery Channel, this series is made specifically for students learning a foreign language. The episodes are about 20 minutes, and extra lesson plan sheets can be found on the internet to engage more with students in order to test their language comprehension.

I recommend showing at least one episode of this series because of the main character, Hector (in the English series) and Sam (other series) because it allows for students to hear typical mistakes made in English and how to self-correct themselves. 

Have you used this series in your lesson plans? If so comment below and let me know how it worked!

Until next time, 

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