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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

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December 31st has passed, and with it another year has commenced. 2016 has been a year that will surely be memorable for people around the world (for both good and bad reasons a like). For myself, I find myself reflecting back at this year and realizing how much I have been pushed both physically and mentally throughout the passed year. 2016 was my first year of truly becoming an adult. Having graduated in December of 2015, I found myself struggling to come to terms with what I wanted to do after college. This was the year that I began re-defying myself and my vision of the world around me.

For many of us, the end of the year can be a time to reflect on the (many) negative aspects that have gone on throughout the year. Yes, I agree that 2016 hasn't been my favorite year, but instead of drowning you with the sorrows of 2016 I would instead like to focus on the positives. So here it goes....

Dear 2016,
   Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn more about myself. You made me realize that life isn't always going to be easy; and that's okay. During the times that you made me just want to give up, crawl in bed, and eat a bunch of chocolate (which I most certainly did at times) you made me realize that I have great friends and family that will always be there to support me. 2016 was also a time for adventure. It was the year that I got to explore uncharted territories, mark stamps in my passport, face new challenges, and create lifelong friendships. If I've learned anything from this year it is to expect the unexpected. I can't always control things, and that can be hard for type A-personalities like myself to accept at times. But guess what? I did it 2016. I faced all the challenges and curve balls you gave me and some how managed to find myself celebrating the good and the bad times of 2016 in anticipation for another year filled with even more unknown adventures.

Until next time,

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