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Monday, November 21, 2016

Finding brunch in France can be a difficult task. Typically this on Saturday (and most especially) Sunday mornings in France, one does not dare go outside. Instead, the French cuddle up in their beds and recover for the week to come. Usually I'm all about this lifestyle. After all the French did invent the laissez-faire attitude that I have come to love. So when my friend (who is vegetarian and gluten free) asked to go out for brunch one weekend morning I immediately gave a puzzled look, because I had no idea where to go. Hence the creation of this blog post. 

Thanks to Google, we found that in Montpellier Joy Yoga and Healthyfood was a great vegan and gluten free brunch option. So we grabbed our iphones and hungry selves over to downtown Montpellier to try what looked to be one of the best brunches in town, and it sure was. As a vegetarian, I find it hard to eat breakfast at restaurants in France. Typically sausages and a heap ton of bread are consumed here in la-France. This means that poor-old-me is stuck with bread that typically cost around 1 euro at the boulongerie and 4 or 5 at the restaurant. Pas cool. 

To begin with, Joy Yoga and Healthyfood has an awesome set-up. This tropical like restaurant will instantaneously make you feel refreshed and relaxed. With its bamboo decor you can't help but feel as if you have entered into paradise. The brunch menu, which I'm still dreaming about to this day, is a combination of sweets (pancakes and breads), a salty dish (I choose a tofu dish), an acai bowl, and two beverages -one juice and one hot drink.  The cost for brunch varies depending on how much you want to eat. The small brunch, for 15 euros, comes with a smaller variety of selections while the larger brunch for 25 euros comes with small samplers of sweets (and who doesn't love that?). After having eaten brunch at Joy Yoga and Healthyfood I couldn't help as I left the restaurant feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Naturally this means that I become addicted to the food and have re-visited the store for hipster-like pictures to explode on my Instagram. Here are just a few pictures of the dishes that I have enjoyed at the restaurant. 

You can visit Joy Yoga and Healthyfood at: 55 Rue Estelle, 34000 Montpellier

* This is not a paid promotional post*

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