Fashion Update: So I decided to buy a choker necklace

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Back in 2002 my staple accessory was my choker necklace. It was black with colorful flowers and I never took it off. I literally mean NEVER. With my scrunchy in my hair and choker necklace I was pretty much a replica of Lizzie McGuire (minus the blonde hair of course). After several years my choker necklace broke. It was devastating. As every fashionista has probably felt in their lives, loosing a staple piece in their wardrobe can be dramatic to say the least. 

Ten years later the choker trend has somehow manifested its way back onto the shelves at Claires. For months I debated about the idea of buying a choker and going back to my old staple piece. As a 22 year old (young I know) I questioned if it was suitable for someone my age to buy, let alone wear, a statement piece such as a choker in public. Well ladies and gentlemen the time has come....because I have decided to buy a choker necklace (suitably at Claire's once again). 

As I put on the necklace (which funny enough looks almost exactly like the same one I wore when I was 8 years old) feels like reuniting with an old friend. In a weird way I feel confident with the necklace. Though I probably look like a 15 year old girl putting it on with my hair parted in a small bun on the top of my head, I couldn't be happier. 

At the end of the day my lesson is this: do what makes you happy. If that means looking like your 12 year old self again why the heck not. And hey, at was only $3. 

My friends and I with our matching choker necklaces from Clarie's

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