Friday, October 07, 2016

Sometimes it's honestly easier to rant about the problems of life in a vlog rather than right down problem after problem. For those of you who hate hearing me ramble here are some tips for the Chicago Consulate when getting a long term visa for la France.

Things you'll need:
    (1)Copies of your passport
    (2) Long term Visa (D) for assistants de langues
    (3) Arrete de nomination
    (4) Passport size photo
    (5) US Mail Envelope (double check that you have the correct one folks!!)
     (6) Positive attitude

Remember that it is noted that you should have an idea of when you are leaving (some consulates will require that you have reserved a flight). Be aware that every consulate has different security measures. For example the Chicago consulate only allows small bags allowed into the building. Don't leave your bag with a stranger folks. If you have any specific questions about this process feel free to ask below!

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