TAPIF UPDATE: I got my Arrete!

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Image result for montpellier franceAfter months of checking my post box, the day has finally come. Ladies and Gentlemen, it comes with much excitement that I announce to you that I will be headed to teach in Montpellier!!! I'm so excited to escape the cold Minnesota weather and trade it in for warm days at the beach. You're probably wondering where I am in the process of TAPIF planning so here it goes: 

As the beloved TAPIF Guide suggested, I booked my appointment for the consulate before I received my arrete. The date: August 25th at 12pm. I prayed that I would get my arrete before my trip to Europe, but things dont always go the way that we plan do they? So I crossed my fingers and prayed to God that everything would work out and bought my plane tickets for Chicago. I honestly didn't think too much about my arrete. If I was going to wait for my contract what better place to wait than in the Mediterranean on a beach? The day that I got back from my trip in Europe (which was August 23rd for those who like to keep a nice timeline) I received an email from the great Mme Natalie Cox that I was being placed at three schools in Montpellier proper. I couldn't have been more excited. So I packed my bags and left for Chicago the next day in hopes that I would get my visa processed. Now I'll go into greater detail about the appointment in a different blog post, but let me tell you this- it was a jiffy. 

Since my consulate appointment I have completed some other tasks before departing to France. I have booked my airplane ticket (which was for FREE thanks to Delta and all my lovely sky miles) and an Airbnb for a week in Paris. There's still stuff that I have to get done (such as contacting my school, lesson plans, and finding a place to live) but as of right now I'm just going to go with the flow, because honestly that seems like the only way to handle things right now. 

Until next time, 

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